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Imagine being able to transform the challenges life presents

into lessons you’re eager to embrace.

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Spiritual Essence Alignment

This is the first and most powerful step to begin living in alignment with your higher self.  Whether you call it your inner voice, intuition, Spirit, The Divine, God or by some other label, it is that which resides within and extends beyond your physical self.

Sharing from Helen Graves, Spiritual Business Coach and Founder, International Association of Spiritual and Energy Practitioners, www.IASEP.org

When I decided to work with Joni, I was at a crossroads in my business and feeling totally stuck in my head about it.  But I knew that Spirit doesn’t live in my head, and it was my heart that was going to give me the truth about what to do.  (It’s so easy to lose that truth in the midst of an emotional crises!)

With Joni’s gentle and expert guidance, I was able to connect powerfully with my intuition.  In just the first session, she helped me give myself permission to move out of my head and feel the truth in my body.  I’m now so much more receptive to the intuitive voice that’s always happening within me.

As a business coach for spiritual, intuitive and energy practitioners, continually deepening my own intuitive connection is crucial.  Both my heart and my head have to be involved for me to do my best work and provide powerful guidance to my own clients.  Joni is my “secret advantage” in expanding my inner knowing.

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Soul Journey

The Soul Journey will take you more deeply into the connection you make with the Spiritual Essence Alignment and will increase and enhance your awareness of the continuous flow of spirit through your soul.

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Spiritual Mentoring

Is for those who are committed to expanding and developing their intuitive gifts to a higher level through ongoing mentoring.

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Heart Mending

A unique healing process that mends the brokenhearted feeling comes from the loss of a beloved family member, friend or pet.

“One of the greatest gifts Joni gave me was the ability to connect with my beloved dog, Libby, who had passed away a couple of years prior and I wasn’t able to move beyond it.  I felt so much grief that I couldn’t even hear the word ‘dog’ without crying.  My family was very concerned about me because I was really depressed.   Joni connected me back to my pet on a soul level.  I now have a deep knowing that my Libby is well and available to me in spirit whenever I need her.”    ~ Cameron S., Ventura, California

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Joni works with her clients in person, over the phone and via Skype

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