Spiritual Essence Alignment

This is the first and most powerful step to begin living in alignment with your higher self.  Whether you call it your inner voice, intuition, Spirit, The Divine, God or by some other label, it is that which resides within and extends beyond your physical self.

When you were born, you had a pure connection to this part of your being.  That connection can become frayed or broken as a result of life experiences, leaving you with feelings of doubt and insecurity, especially when it comes time to make important life decisions.

The truth is, you always have all the right answers to your own questions – it’s just that you may not be able to clearly hear, know or feel them anymore.

Plugging into your Spiritual Essence is the process of bringing you into harmony with the pure state of knowing that you were born with so that you can stand powerfully in your choices and decisions with confidence that they are for you highest and best.

Plugging into Your Spiritual Essence is a 3-step process and includes:

  • A  Pre Alignment Consultation to open up the process
  • The Alignment Session to restore your inner harmony
  • A Follow up Session to solidify your re-connection


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