Soul Journey

Your decision to embark on the Soul Journey will take you more deeply into the connection you made with the Spiritual Essence Alignment.

The Soul Journey will increase and enhance your awareness of the continuous flow of spirit through your soul. Through the use of visualization and exercises, you will learn to recognize the voice of your spirit and the unique way it speaks to you throughout your day, so that you can become increasingly more confident in the life choices and decisions that you face.

We all have the gift of this voice within.  Learning to hear and feel how it speaks to you is a skill you can learn once you make the decision to do so.

The Soul Journey is a 3 month sojourn that includes:

  • 6  30-minute scheduled training sessions to connect you more fully to your spirit voice
  • On going guided journaling exercises
  • 3 unscheduled quandary calls (for in-the-moment support as needed)


Contact Joni today for pricing, information about special offers or to schedule a complimentary assessment

 to see if the time is right for you to begin your Soul Journey!

jhollinglifecoach@yahoo.com ~ 805.798.4266


Joni works with her clients in person, over the phone and via Skype & accepts payment via Paypal

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