Heart Mending

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When someone you love or a beloved pet dies, it leaves a spiritual energy hole in the heart.

Joni is able to help you reconnect with the energy of your passed beloved and bring it back into your heart allowing you a sense of peace and retained connection.

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Heart Mending.

Here are just a few  examples of how Joni’s Heart Mending process has helped people heal.

  • Hear the story of how a man healed the hole in his heart left by the long distance death of his mother. Click here to listen
  • Listen as Joni shares how the Heart Mending process helped this woman who lost her dog with which she was spiritually connected.  Click here for this story.

Sharing from Kathy in Ventura, CA

I was in the process of losing my mother and Joni was able to bring my father into my heart so I would not have to be alone.

I have always felt alone, as my father passed when I was 9 years old.  He  was unconscious for 6 months before he died so it was a doubly traumatic event for me.  I had never felt my father was with me.  

Joni led me through an exercise that enabled me to bring his presence into my heart during those tough times at the nursing home with my mother.

Then, when my mother died, I was really stuck in my grief.  I had dreams each night of the nursing home and she seemed to haunt me. 

Once again, Joni did an exercise to release the pain I had been carrying and I have had relief ever since.

When my mom died I never thought I would feel this free feeling I do now. I was able enjoy Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season and even what would have been my mother’s 86th birthday. 

Joni is intuitive, intelligent and little bit magical. Anyone having an opportunity to work with Joni would be very fortunate indeed.


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