~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you live your life from a heart-centered place

but sometimes doubt yourself

when faced with an important life decision?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The soul is the very essence of who we are and it is our best guide to navigate the path of our lives.  It is our life force.

Learning to hear your inner voice and tune into your intuition sets in motion a chain-reaction that transforms your outlook and your focus to one of  listening instead of searching.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What if you could live everyday

from a position of listening to direction…

instead of searching for it?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What does Joni do?

Joni specializes in reconnecting her clients with the essence of their soul and the voice within. This process allows them to better access their intuition and move with the flow of their soul’s higher knowing.  She offers Spiritual Life Coaching Services and Programs for those who seek that deep connection which comes from within.

Okay, but what’s so special about that?

When you have the courage to work from your heart and the knowing place deep within, you have a more grounded sense of self and life purpose.  This naturally sets the stage for you to make important life decisions confidently with grace and ease.

Sharing from Nancy in Ojai, CA

Joni Holling’s techniques are simple and amazingly effective.  I have been to my share of the typical psychotherapist s to work on my mother issues with little to no results.  In 2 hours with Joni I accomplished more than I thought I ever could.

I had been hearing about NLP for years but had never really looked into it and then I met Joni and had a sense that she really could help me. With Joni’s help I have finally put 5 decades of resentment and anger to rest.  Joni is very perceptive and great at getting fast results with her various techniques.  I am grateful for her help.

How can these things impact my life?

Some of the most immediate and powerful benefits you’ll notice as the result of working with Joni are relief from worry and stress around:

  • financial matters
  • family issues
  • love relationships
  • health concerns
  • career path decisions
  • loss of a loved one or beloved pet

When someone you love or a beloved pet dies, it leaves a spiritual energy hole in the heart.  Joni is able to help you reconnect with their energy and bring it back into your heart allowing you a sense of peace and retained connection.

How can I know if working with Joni can help me?

Joni works with individuals and groups to help them connect to the voice of their spirit and develop their intuitive skills for both professional and personal purposes.  She works with:

  • professional life and career coaches who want to help their clients experience more powerful shifts
  • healers interested in more fully developing their healing gifts
  • energy workers and intuitives looking to manage, connect more fully and better understand their gifts as well as release fears that are often associated with such talents.

How can I work with Joni?

You can find Joni’s services listed here.  She also holds Workshops and Lectures on spiritual growth and development for groups, businesses and educational communities.  She works with people in person, over the phone and via Skype.

Join her mailing list for up-to-date notices about her offerings and appearances or contact her directly via e-mail jhollinglifecoach@yahoo.com or phone 805.798.4266